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Gearboxes and transmissions

We have been remanufacturing and reselling gearboxes and transmission units for more than 35 years, for more than 11,000 customers on 6 continents

For more than 35 years Tecnotrasmissioni has been remanufacturing manual and semi-automatic gearboxes and transmission units. This specialisation has enabled it to increase the number of brands dealed in over time, offering today a solution for any type of vehicle, from cars to commercial vehicles, including vintage cars. We are able to offer on the market gearboxes, transfer units, differentials and complete axles for all the automotive brands on the European market.


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Past, present and future, our flagship

The remanufacturing of gearboxes is the strong point of the company. Our remanufacturing process gives the gearbox a new life, guaranteeing top-quality finished products, in order to achieve a high-performance and long-lasting gearbox while reducing waste and costs associated with buying a new product.

Tecnotrasmissioni Italy - Regenerated gearbox for car
Tecnotrasmissioni Italy - New gears for car


For the most demanding requirements, we also have new gearboxes

To complete the range of gearboxes, we can also supply new gearboxes.
Unlike remanufactured gearboxes, these are products with 0 km directly from the production plant.
In most cases they are original, made directly by the manufacturer, and if these are not available, Tecnotrasmissioni also sells alternative products, of excellent quality and with materials and workmanship controlled and approved by our company.

For us, the transmission unit has no secrets.

We do not only deal with gearboxes, but with transmission units in general. We are therefore able to supply remanufactured or new differentials, transfer units and complete axles for all automobile brands on the European market.

Tecnotrasmissioni Italy - Regeneration of differentials for cars


Whether front or rear, we can regenerate them completely, adapting our regeneration process to ensure high quality standards here too.

Tecnotrasmissioni Italy - Remanufacturing of transfer units for cars

Transfer Units

The transfer units of four-wheel drive cars can be remanufactured using the same process developed for gearboxes: they are refurbished and sold on the market.

Tecnotrasmissioni Italy - Remanufacturing of complete axles for cars

Complete Axles

As a complement to transmission units, our company takes care of the Reman and resale of complete axles, in order to fully meet our customers’ needs.


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