Warranty Conditions


The warranty exclusively covers the transmission unit overhauled by Tecnotrasmissioni Srl and consists of the free replacement of parts that have been found to be inefficient due to manufacturing defects or incorrect assembly, provided that the transmission unit is returned to our headquarters at Via Muzza Spadeta, 26 – Valsamoggia Loc. Bazzano (BO).

The warranty is valid for a period of 12 months star�ng from the invoicing date. If the buyer is a reseller, the term will begin from the date of invoicing to their customer and will be valid only if a copy of the relevant invoice is sent to Tecnotrasmissioni Srl together with the transmission unit.

The warranty covers the complete overhauled unit only if Tecnotrasmissioni Srl has performed a full overhaul; in case of par�al revision, the warranty only covers the replaced parts. Anything external to our products is not included in the warranty.

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Labor costs required for the disassembly and reassembly of the overhauled unit from the vehicle.
  2. Lubricants and consumables necessary for the disassembly and reassembly of the overhauled unit from the vehicle.
  3. Vehicle towing expenses (e.g., towing truck), car rental, and downtime.
  4. Hotel expenses or driver transportation costs.
  5. Damage to other parts of the vehicle and/or to individuals.
  6. Products whose defects are caused by damages during transportation.
  7. Products whose defects are caused by negligent or improper use.
  8. Any expense not expressly mentioned above.

The warranty becomes void if:

  1. The identification plate is removed from the transmission unit.
  2. Errors are found in the installation of the transmission unit on the vehicle.
  3. Inappropriate or non-approved lubricants are used, not recommended by the manufacturers.
  4. The transmission unit lacks or receives insufficient lubrication.
  5. The installer of the transmission unit on the vehicle does not perform a thorough check after the vehicle’s testing (e.g., oil level and tightness).
  6. The transmission unit is disassembled, repaired, or partially modified without Tecnotrasmissioni Srl’s agreement.
  7. The vehicle is misused or the transmission unit is used contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions (e.g., modification of the original vehicle).
  8. The transmission unit is installed in a vehicle with non-original features (e.g., armored vehicles, modified vehicles).
  9. The vehicle is used for competitive or racing purposes.
  10. The payment for the product or service has not been made to Tecnotrasmissioni S.r.l. as per the agreed conditions and terms.

All disputes arising from or related to the sales conditions and/or any sale will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bologna Court.


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