On Friday 26 May 2023, the celebration party for Tecnotrasmissioni’s 35th anniversary took place at the company!

During the meticulously organized day, multiple external collaborators worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event, which saw the participation of approximately 70 people including staff, clients, collaborators, suppliers, and long-time friends of the company.

In the early afternoon, a guided tour was organized for the guests inside the company, allowing them to observe the functioning and internal structure while it was in full operation. Following the tour, a buffet-style aperitif was served to accompany the guests while they waited to be seated for dinner.

We took advantage of the occasion of the 35th anniversary to give the company a new face, a significant change that sends a strong signal for the future, rich in innovation and evolution. Tecnotrasmissioni has renewed its logo, opening a new chapter, and we are excited to share it with you.

During the evening, we seized the opportunity to personally thank our long-time employees, those who have walked alongside us for years. With their dedication and loyalty, they have contributed significantly to our success.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your constant commitment and extraordinary expertise.

Let’s continue with the acknowledgments by giving a huge round of applause to ArchitetturEventi, who provided us with a majestic stage, turning our evening into an unforgettable experience!
We also want to thank DJ Robby Melotti, who livened up the party with his music, accompanied by the magical violin of Isabella Bui.

Special recognition goes to Chef Bruni Pietro, the master of flavors, and to the Valsamoggia Volunteers Association, who made our dinner a true spectacle.
A heartfelt thank you also to Cantina Bergonzini for their extraordinary wines.
A heartfelt thank you also to Gelateria Guicciardi for their delicious gelato and Pasticceria Dolce Vita for the dreamy cake.
We can’t forget the talented photographers from Herostudio who captured the most special moments.
Thank you all, you have been an integral part of a truly magical evening!

Here are some representative shots of the event!


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