Auto and Motorcycle Vintage 2023 – Bologna

Auto and Motorcycle Vintage, one of the most anticipated events for vintage vehicle enthusiasts in Europe, recently took place at Bologna Fiere. This year, the event was enriched with an exciting addition: the 1st Italian Fair dedicated to vintage motorcycles, which added further charm to this celebration of classic four and two-wheeled vehicles.

Auto and Motorcycle Vintage 2023 at Bologna Fiere occupied a vast area of over 15,000 square meters, providing vintage motorcycle enthusiasts with an exclusive space to immerse themselves in the history and beauty of classic two-wheeled vehicles. But it wasn’t just a paradise for motorcycle enthusiasts; the event offered something for all motor enthusiasts, regardless of their preferred number of wheels.

The pavilions dedicated to spare parts drew restoration enthusiasts, offering a wide range of original parts and high-quality reproductions for vintage cars and motorcycles. Tecnotrasmissioni, in particular, exhibited body and mechanical parts, engines, and complete gearboxes, showcasing the wide range of solutions available for vintage vehicle enthusiasts.

While some pavilions were specifically dedicated to vintage motorcycles or classic cars, others were reserved for spare parts, providing a comprehensive overview of the world of collectible vintage vehicles.

Tecnotrasmissioni was present in a pavilion dedicated to spare parts. As previously announced, the company took the opportunity to showcase its collaboration with B-PARTS. . It’s important to note that Tecnotrasmissioni exhibited body and mechanical parts, engines, and complete gearboxes at the fair.

Participating in Auto and Motorcycle Vintage 2023 in Bologna was an unforgettable experience for anyone with a passion for vintage engines. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, with enthusiasts wandering through the pavilions, admiring the splendid cars and motorcycles on display. But the event offered much more than that: it was an ideal place to reunite with old friends who share the same passion and to make new acquaintances with similar interests.

Here are some photos of the most interesting moments from Auto and Motorcycle Vintage 2023 in Bologna. These shots capture the beauty of vintage cars and motorcycles and convey the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

In summary, Auto and Motorcycle Vintage 2023 at Bologna Fiere was an extraordinary experience for motor enthusiasts. With vintage motorcycles, classic cars, spare parts, and, above all, the sharing of passion with other enthusiasts, the event provided a complete immersion into the world of vintage vehicles. If you love four or two-wheelers, Auto and Motorcycle Vintage is a must-attend event.


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